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Optics lab and equipment


Our lab, a place to meet.


Our lab is the ideal place for projects, tests and anything related to industrial optics. It is a creative environment and the core around which our organisation is built. It´s a great and well equipped resourse where people can meet and interact with new technology and equipment.


The lab is equipped with several sensors and setups with which different optical techniques can be demonstrated and tested. We have a handful of state-of-the-art 3D sensors such as a stereo camera from Point Grey Research, a Ranger camera from SICK and time-of-flight cameras from several suppliers. Test charts for illumination and an integrating sphere for radiometric measurements are available at Adopticum for the purpose of evaluation, calibration and laser safety validations.


Strategically located in Skellefteå, a city with a rich and interesting industrial structure and a spirit of entrepreneurship, we are in close proximity to the universities in Umeå and Luleå.












































For more info

Jonas Sjöberg
Lab- and development manager
Direct/Mobile: +46 910 288 262
E-mail: jonas.sjoberg(at)


För mer information

Jonas Sjöberg
Direkt/Mobil: 0910 288 262
E-mail: jonas.sjoberg(at)