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Test lab


Adopticum combines knowledge and modern equipment at the lab in Skellefteå. We are the ideal partner for ensuring that a newly developed product meets projected lifetime/customer requirements with regard to environmental and mechanical stress.


Price list 2012

Rent for equipment

Shaker system - SEK 6000/day

Climatic test chambers - SEK 1000/day

Test engineer - SEK 780/hour



Picture of our temperature and climatic test chamber

Mechanical testing

Our mechanical test capabilities cover vibration and physical shock conditions. Mechanical testing is a systematic and repeatable way of identifying mechanical, electrical and functional weak points of a design. Hence it represents an intelligent approach to verifying product design and choice of materials. Testing already at the prototype stage can help you avoid technical errors and quality deficiencies before they become costly.


Our air-cooled electrodynamic shaker is suitable for vibration testing of small to medium sized payloads, such as individual electronic components, assemblies, optoelectronics, automative and industrial components. Useable weight range for the unit under test is 0 to about 160 kg.


We can help you with different types of tests such as accelerated lite test, sinus vibration, shock and srs (Shock response spectrum), random vibration and resonance test. Our shaker can also be integrated with our environmental test equipment, allowing for combined mechanical, thermal and humidity testing. Both temperature and climate influence the vibration behaviour of materials. For this reason, constant as well as cyclically changing temperatures and climates are important during vibration testing. Unambiguous ambient conditions during testing with sine excitations, noise, sine on noise or even shock testing lead to solid results considerably faster.


Temperature and climatic test

The climate chamber handles temperatures from -70 to 180 °c with humidity values from 10 % to 95 % rH. The lifetime effects of product exposure to such climate-related conditions as extreme temperatures or humidity changes can be modelled using our climate chambers that allows for accelerated studies.


Our chamber is equipped with sophisticated control equipment that can be programmed to simulate complex exposure cycles. Needless to say, testing at constant temperatures and humidity levels is also available. This flexibility permits testing in accordance with a wide variety of standards. Separate logging stations record the actual conditions inside the chambers. Printouts of raw data can be obtained. 


Examples of the most common climate standards:


  • IEC 60068-2-1    Cold 
  • IEC 60068-2-2    Dry heat 
  • IEC 60068-2-14  Change of temperature 
  • IEC 60068-2-30  Damp heat cyclic 
  • IEC 60068-2-38  Composite temperature, humidity cyclic test 
  • IEC 60068-2-78  Damp heat, steady state 

Our environmental test equipment can also be integrated with our shaker, allowing for combined mechanical, thermal and humidity testing.


Specification of test equipment

Shaker system, LDS V830-335T 

Armature diameter   335 mm 

Sine force peak (stabilised)  9807 N 

Random force rms   9807 N 

Half sine peak bump force  24920 N 

Armature resonance (fn)   2250 Hz 

Useful frequency range   d.c. - 3000 Hz 

Mass of moving element   12.05 kg 

Velocity sine peak - full field  2.0 m/s 

Acceleration sine peak  810 m/s2 

Acceleration random rms  588 m/s2 

Displacement (cont.) pk-pk  50.8 mm 

Internal load support capability 160 kg 



Temperature and climatic test chambers, VCV7060-5, volume 600 l. 

Performance for thermal tests 

Temperature range   °C  -70 / +180 

Temperature deviation in time  K  ±0.1 to ±0.5 

Temperature deviation in space  K  ±0.5 to ±2.0 

Temperature gradient   K  1 to 4 

Temperature rate of change  Cooling K/min 5.0 

Heating K/min 5.0 

Heat  compensation at ±20°C W  5000 

Performance for climatic tests 

Temperature range   °C  +10 to +95 

Temperature deviation in time  K  ±0.1 to ±0.3 

Temperature deviation in space  K  ±0.5 to ±1.0 

Temperature gradient  K  1 to 2 

Humidity range   % RH  10 to 95 

Humidity deviation in time   % RH  ±1 to ±3 

Dew point range   °C  +4 to +94 

Heat compensation   W  500 

Test space dimensions  Width  mm  800 

Depth  mm  800 

Height  mm  950 

For more info

Jonas Sjöberg
Lab- and development manager
Direct/Mobile: +46 910 288 262
E-mail: jonas.sjoberg(at)


För mer information

Jonas Sjöberg
Direkt/Mobil: 0910 288 262
E-mail: jonas.sjoberg(at)


Customer statements

"Adopticum are reliable, fast and professional, they are a given partner when it comes to mechanical testing"

Lars Tarberg, Development Manager, Optronic