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Optronics in the service of industry



In 2008, Process IT Innovation performed a survey amongst the process industry in the northern parts of Sweden. The objective was to uncover what need the industry saw necessary for continued growth and competitiveness. A need for robust measurement technology was raised and spawned the idea to create a center for robust, industrial optics.

The initiative came from Skellefteå-based optics manufacturer Optronics in co-operation with Process IT Innovation that also contributed financially. The largest contribution was made by Sparbanksstiftelsen Norrland.

Adopticum was founded as a foundation to be able to work freely without any owners expecting dividends. The mission is to be a driving force behind industry take-up of non-invasive measurement technology in order to create competitiveness and regional growth.


In the summer of 2012 Skellefteå municipality decided to support Adopticum financially, initially over a period of two years. This obviously is a great acknowledgement to the result of Adopticums efforts so far. 



Skellefteå kommun

We primarily work with the process industry in the northern region, but take on any assignment where we can be of use.

Our networ k is extensive, covering all of Sweden and parts of Europe.  Our projects span from the process industry via the entertainment industry to the healthcare sector.