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Who we are

We are a resourceful and knowledgeable partner in optics, optical metrology and image processing. Our mission is to contribute to growth and reinforced competitiveness in the industry in the northern parts of Sweden.

Optics Lab


Our optics lab is a well-equipped and creative meeting place. You are welcome to bring your measuring challenges to us, and we will help you in finding a solution.

Test Lab

With a modern test lab and experienced test engineers we can offer mechanical and environmental evaluation of your product.


At the Center of Innovation and Improvement


If you are interested in how optical measurement technology can help you to improve efficiency, quality and competitiveness, we would be glad to work with you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch


Non-invasive measurement technology such as scanning, sensing and imaging are central parts of the technology area called photonics. The European Commission categorizes photonics a key enabling technology.  A special work group has been appointed to promote the industrial take-up of photonics and four other technology areas including nano technology, micro/nanoelectronics, biotechnology and advanced materials.


These are the areas of technology that will have the biggest impact on innovation and competitiveness in the European industry over the years to come. These are areas that will attract major investment and contribute to growth.


Adopticum works closely with IUC Norrbotten, IUC Västerbotten and ProcessIT Innovations in Luleå and Umeå to drive the competitiveness of the organizations in our region.  If you think about developing a system or a new product where our competence is needed, get in touch and we can help you contact our partner organizations to investigate the possibility of co-financing. 

Event calendar

Take the opportunity to discuss optical measurement technology with us at any of the events where we participate.


Lunch Seminar - Optical Measurement Technology

The turn has now come to Skellefteå after a succesful start in Kalix and Luleå. Come listen how optical sensor technology can help improving your competetiveness!


Contact us if you want to attend a seminar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 0910-288 261


”Optiska mätsystem för industrin, en möjliggörare för konkurrenskraft samt nya produkter och tjänster. ”  


Seminariet handlar om bland annat bildbehandling, optik, beröringsfri mätteknik och belysning. Bland annat diskuteras hur teknikområdet kan bidra till ökad produktivitet och effektivitet inom industrin. Man diskuterar också hur ny teknik inom detta område öppnar möjligheter till nya produkter och tjänster.

Föredragshållare är Jonas Sjöberg från Stiftelsen Adopticum, ett centrum för optisk mätteknik vars syfte är att bidra till ökad konkurrenskraft i den nordliga regionen. Jonas besitter specialistkompetens inom bland annat optisk konstruktion och belysningssystem och har som konsult sedan 1995 genomfört ca 150 projekt inom optik/optisk mätteknik åt ett stort antal svenska och internationella företag.


Bland tidigare uppdragsgivare finns bland andra Sony Ericsson, ABB, Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, GE Healthcare, Volvo Car Corporation, Saabtech och Autoliv.