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Reference Projects


Whenever we can, we gladly share the result of our work with others. Often we are part of product development projects and for the obvious reason information can be classified. Here you find information about projects we can share. Lots of more content will be added to this section during the autumn. 


Woodbot Pilots

Controlling a video game by movements of your body. Seen it before? Of course you have, since Microsoft released its Kinect camera for the Xbox this is familiar technology. But in 2009 when Adopticum and North Kingdom came together and developed Woodbot Pilots, the Kinect camera was still not released and videogames where still controlled by joypads. 


The two organisations wanted to explore the possibilities 3D camera technology offers, especially that the camera can measure the distance between you and the camera. The team submitted an application to Vinnova, who accepted the project and partly funded it.


The result is a racing game in which you use the movements of your hands to navigate and fly in the game environment. The difference between the earlier mention Xbox Kinect and the Fotonic camera used in this project is that the latter is a time-of-flight camera. This can be explained as radar operating with light. Kinect uses a structured light and can maintain tracking through a range of up to 3.6 metres whereas Fotonic has a max range of 7 metres. The Kinect sensor is built for use in living rooms and our camera has been optimised for industrial and demanding environments. Both cameras are using imaging CMOS sensors.


Project time: January 2010 - December 2010

Adopticum´s role: 3D-camera integration/image analysis

Partners: North KingdomInteraktive InstituteImprooveBartek, Dinahmoe and Ars Thanea

Case study: Download more detailed case study as .pdf (Opens a new window)