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Master Thesis


Are you interested in doing your master thesis work at Adopticum?


The aim is to constantly have a couple of master thesis students at Adopticum's lab. By combining technically advanced projects based on actual problems within the industry in the region with a creative environment you have a great opportunity for an interesting master thesis. The good relations to the industries connected to the centre also give you many possibilities for future employments.


All our master thesis students are also compensated economically.


Suggestions for project:

New Optical 3D Measurement Technologies

The interest in 3D measurement increases very rapidly and several new highly interesting methods have recently been presented by the research community. In this project one or two of these methods will be evaluated.


Robust Optical Windows

For optical measurement systems to be able to function in an industrial environment it is crucial to have good packaging and enclosure and a resistant window is therefore very important. In this project some different optical materials will be investigated from both optical and robustness perspectives.








For more info

Jonas Sjöberg
Lab- and development manager
Direct/Mobile: +46 910 288 262
E-mail: jonas.sjoberg(at)


För mer information

Jonas Sjöberg
Direkt/Mobil: 0910 288 262
E-mail: jonas.sjoberg(at)