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Many of the projects we are involved in are initiated by Adopticum and we support them with our competence. These are innovation projects and will lead to new products and create growth and profitability and they are of strategic value to our project partners. This is why there are limitations to what information we can share.  Below you will find a selection of the projects we are currently involved in.  


Tablets in industrial applications – A technical proof of concept.

What if you take standard tablet and put it to use in an industrial application? Will the processor be powerful enough for image analysis and will the built-in camera be any good? Adopticum teamed up with a student from Umeå University and Metso's global product centre for mill linings to find out.



Measuring the wear in the mill lining is central to decide when the lining should be replaced. Material and equipment downtime is costly and knowing when it´s optimal to change the lining is of great value. There are currently an number of different ways to do this, but a tablet based solution could be easier to use, save time and be cost effective.


The project was run as a 10 week course assignment with a student from Engineering Physics at Umeå University. By mounting a laser line generator on a standard, Windows based tablet a rudimental measuring devices was created. No external camera was needed, the built in camera was good enough to use in this application. An algorithm was developed to calculate the mill line profile and a simple user interface was created. The results show that this is a concept with great potential. The solution has to be evaluated in field to uncover potential problems related to the harsh environment in the mill. Further studies has to be done when trying to measure on lining with different wear. But this proof of concept shows that its highly likely to develop a fully functioning solution for this specific application, just based on a standard platform.



JoHTo – Joint Test Service for High Tech Industries

In the northern parts of Sweden and Finland you can find advanced testing capacity at universities, institutes and private companies. This includes mechanical and climatological testing as offered by Adopticum, EMC testing, fault analysis, wind, ice and salty mist, just to mention a few.


This test capacity can be of great value to any organization developing products in this region. Access to test capacity can also prove to be an important factor when a company decides the location of a new development center.


The aim of the JoHTo project is to create a cross-border test- and skills network and create new service offerings making it interesting for high technology companies and product owners to invest in the region.


The JoHTo project is financially supported by INTERREG IV A Nord, a EU-program that supports cross border co-operation during the period 2007-2013. Public co-financing is provided by  Länsstyrelsen i Norrbotten, Region Västerbotten, Luleå kommun, LTU, Skellefteå kommun, NLL, Kalix kommun, ELY, Cetria, Oulun yliopisto, Valtion Tekn. Tutkimuskeskus, Micropolis, Kemin Digipolis, Kemi-Tornio amk, KETEK.